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Module 6 Worksheet In Class Questions 1) (S8) Give a yes input instance to the Functional Equivalence problem. Take home review questions 1) Describe what makes a problem a program behavior problem? 2) What is type program? 3) Compare/contrast program testing with program analysis. 4) On the last worksheet, I asked you to fill in Y(P), N(P), C(P), and I(P) for the following program P as best as you can. bool main(string x) { P’(5);
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Unformatted text preview: if ((x.length( ) % 2) = = 0) return (yes); else return(no); } bool P’(int y) { /* details hidden */ } Y(P) = N(P) = C(P) = I(P) = Consider now the following program behavior problem INFINITE. Input: Program Q Yes/No Question: Does Q accept an infinite number of strings? Describe as precisely as you can whether or not program P above is a yes or no input instance to the program behavior problem INFINITE....
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