ME180 Lecture 14 Geometric Tolerancing

Characteristic symbols profile of a surface specifies

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Unformatted text preview: le within which the elements of a surface must lie It is used to control form 45 46 Geometric Characteristic Symbols Angularity Condition of a surface or axis at a specified angle (other than 90) from a datum plane or axis 47 Geometric Characteristic Symbols Perpendicularity Condition of a surface, median plane, or axis at a right angle to the datum plane or axis 48 49 Geometric Characteristic Symbols Parallelism Condition of a surface equidistant at all points from a datum plane, or an axis equidistant along its length to a datum axis 50 Geometric Characteristic Symbols Concentricity Condition where the axes of all cross-sectional elements of a surface of revolution are common to the axis of a datum feature 51 Geometric Characteristic Symbols Circular Runout Provides control of circular elements of a surface The tolerance is applied independently at any circular measuring position as the part is rotated 360 52 Geometric Characteristic Symbols Total Runout Provides composite control of all surface elements The tolerance is applied simultaneously to all circular and profile measuring positions as the part is rotated 360 53 Datum Reference Plane Establishing Datums Datums indicate the origin of a dimensional relationship between a toleranced feature and a designated feature on a part Measurements originate from planes or axes simulated by usage of the 3 plane concept 54 Datum Feature Symbol 55 Degrees of Freedom 56 Datum Reference Frame 57 Establishing a Datum 58 Datum Planes 59 The Part Actually Produced 60 Datum Plane Ordering 61 Datum Plane Ordering 62 Datum Plane Ordering 63 Implied Datums 64 Establishing a Datum Axis 65 Establishing a Datum Axis 66 67 68 Gaging a Part 69...
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