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Nick Routh Judy Tolan BUAD 304 Assignment #3 11-8-07 Ch. 15 Critical Thinking Number 3 Perhaps one memorable dysfunctional conflict occurred on the playground in elementary school. There was a kickball game in which one team was short a player and were at a disadvantage because of it. When I asked to play I was told I couldn’t because I wasn’t there when the game started. This was dysfunctional because I wanted to play and couldn’t, and the team which needed an extra player preformed badly without me. A friend who was playing later said it was a stupid idea not to let me play because it would have really helped. The resolution of the conflict left both myself and the team in worse shape than when we started. One example of functional conflict was between myself and my mathematics teacher in sixth grade. I kept missing multiplication problems on my tests and homework. This created a conflict between my teacher and me. My teacher
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