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1-11 cha1-2 - HRT 101 Introduction to Hospitality...

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Unformatted text preview: HRT 101 Introduction to Hospitality Management Agenda 1/11/08 Calendar updates Chapter 1: Travel & Tourism & Hospitality Chapter 2: Secrets of Quality Service Teams Bb: Industry Voice 1/18, next Friday Art Barajas, GM of South Hills Country Club 1/28 Kellogg West 2/04, Monday, class time for team project? Did you know ...? The largest hotel group of the world is: Intercontinental Hotel Group 3741 hotels, 556,246 rooms Chapter 1 Travel and Tourism and Hospitality Components of Travel and Tourism Industry OH 1.1 Close Look at Hospitality Industry OH 1.3 Travel Patterns Have Changed OH 1.2 Chapter 2 Secrets of Quality Service Quality Consistent delivery of products and services according to expected standards e.g. Burger King Components of Quality in the Hospitality Industry OH 2.1 Who Are the Guests? Small lodging property serving highway travelers Upscale restaurant Downtown hotel Restaurant in a tourist district OH 2.2 Service Process of helping guests to their wants and needs with respect and dignity in a timely manner The Process of Guest Service is Cyclical Determine What Guests Want Deliver What Guests Want Evaluate Service Delivery Systems OH 2.3 History of Service: Bread as the Staff of Life OH 2.4 Manager's Checklist for Effective Guest Service To Wrap UP ... To learn components of travel and tourism Industry To understand travel pattern changes To understand components of quality in hospitality To find out history of service ...
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