The red scare - "The Red Scare" I. Fear of...

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“The Red Scare I. Fear of Communist Influence A. Reasons 1. In the early years of the Cold War, many Americans believed that there was good reasons to be concerned about the security of the U.S. a. The Soviet domination of Europe and the takeover of Chine shocked the American public. b. They feared that communism would spread around the world. 2. Several factors contributed to a growing suspicion of Communist influence within the U.S. a. Americans clamed membership in the Communist party; some people feared that all these Communist would be loyal to the Soviets. i. 80,000 Americans ii. 1945 b. federal officials discovered that two State Department workers and one naval intelligence officer had stolen classified documents. i. pro-Communist magazine ii. spies 3. Anti-Communist Republicans began to accuse the Truman administration of being soft on communism. a. Truman thought that his critics were making it bigger than what it really was. B. Loyalty Review Board 1. President Truman issued an executive order setting up the Federal Employees Loyalty and Security Program. a. it included the Loyalty Review Board i. March 1947 ii. Loyal b. People who were found disloyal would be dismiss i. 91 subversive
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The red scare - "The Red Scare" I. Fear of...

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