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StudyGuide-Exam 1 - Chapter 6 Limited-service Hotels...

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HRT 101 Introduction to Hospitality Management Study Guide for Exam One Chapter 1 – Chapter 11 Winter 2008 Chapter 1 Travel and Tourism and Hospitality: The graph “Close look at Hospitality Industry” (p. 7) Characteristics of accommodations (Lodging) Chapter 2 The Secret of Quality Service: Definition of quality and service Service is delivered by employees (accountability) The critical factors for quality service Benchmarking (e.g. Ritz Carlton) Chapter 3 Managers Much Manage: Management activities Basic management principles in organizing and coordinating Principles of planning Steps in the control process Chapter 4 Overviews: Hotels, Hotels, Hotels Range of lodging properties Classification of hotels Hotel ownership and management Chapter 5 Full-service Hotels Profit margin of a profitable hotel Examples of the hotels
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Limited-service Hotels Location for development Typical amenities for different level of limited service hotels Chapter 7 Extended Stay Hotels Organization chart Chapter 8 Convention Hotels and conference Centers Associations’ role for its memberships CVB’s role Terms in conference and convention (e.g., breakout rooms, hospitality suite, classroom style, etc) Chapter 9 Resorts and Timeshares Unique organization chart Sales managers’ activities Differences between a condominium and timeshare Chapter 10 Commercial Foodservices Demographic factors for guests Menu planning and menu types Terms in menu planning Chapter 11 F & B Operations in Hotels Guests profile Organization chart The average ratio of F & B revenue in hotel’s total revenue...
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StudyGuide-Exam 1 - Chapter 6 Limited-service Hotels...

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