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Art Final Study Guide Title: Pilgramage to the Island of cythera Date: 1717 Time per: Eighteenth Century-Rococo Size: 4x6 Artist : Antoine Watteau Role of Artist: was made for the French royal academy. This was the painting that Watteau submitted in order to be in the academy Role of Observer : To understand and comprehend the poetry of love and how remote it is from everyday reality. To understand and recognize the transitory nature of romantic love. Purpose/theme : Shows the reluctance to leave pleasure behind. You can tell because of the gestures and poses. Muted colors/ light brush strokes= tanscience of love. Romantic love only survives in the world of imagination. “une Fete Galante”-new category in which elegant men/ women represent partying in a landscape setting demonstrated in the society of those who wanted to buy a piece of art like this. Medium: Oil on canvas Pg.386 Artist: Jaques-Louis David Title: Death of Socrates Date: 1787 Time per: Neoclassical Size:4x6 Role of Artist: Comissioned by Charles- Michel Trudaline, a lawyer at the French parliament. Expertise in oil painting. Wanted him to demonstrate heroic suicide. Role of Observer: to understand philosophical beliefs. The need to live by ones principles and the heroism of the stoic virtue of absolute self-sacrifice. Purpose/theme : was a guide for moral behavior in the troubled social climate of France. “Paintings of heroism and a civic virtue offered the eyes of people will electrify its soul, and plant the seed of glory and devotion in the fatherland.” Linear, sculptural forms,represents good academic training/approach. Medium: Pg. Artist: Francisco Goya Title : The execution of Madrilenos on the third of May, 1808 Date: 1814 ?Time per: neoclassical Size: 8x13 Role of Artist : Expertise on oil on canvas commissioned to perpetuate the “most. .heroic actions. .of our glorious insurrection.” Comissioned by the Government in the same year that napoleon was defeated. Role of Observer : to recognize the heroic actions and events of glorius insurrection against the tyrant of europe Purpose/theme: Represents an uprising against the French in Madrid on May 2 nd , 1808 and the execution of rebels and innocent victims during the night of May 2-3. Medium: Oil on canvas Pg.414-415 Artist: - Title: Emperor Augustus Date: 15ce Time per: Roman Hellenistic Size : 7 feet Role of Artist: commissioned by augustus’s wife Role of Observer: to remember augustus Purpose/theme: remembrance of augustus and his achievements during his lifetime. Was intended to legitimize Augustus’s rule and assert his imperial authority. His armor is decorated with the Earth mother of cornucopia-symbolizes abundance. And many triumphs. The winged baby boy and dolphin help augustus support. Shows augustus in his early maturity although he was 76 when he died. Medium:
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Art Final Study Guide - Art Final Study Guide Title:...

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