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Chemistry 143 - Laboratory Laboratory Sections The laboratory experiments are an integral part of this course. They are designed to illustrate some of the principles and reactions that are presented in lecture with the hope that the chemistry will thus become more concrete and less abstract. Your performance in laboratory will be reflected in your course grade. You must pass the lab section to receive a passing grade in this course. Each lab is worth a maximum of 20 points, and the best 11 will be counted toward your grade. Lab totals below 150 points will result in a course grade of 0.0. Attendance in laboratory is mandatory. Everyone will work in pairs. Partners will be chosen or assigned during check-in. Partners should split the actual work, but each must fill out and turn in his/her own lab report. All data collected by both partners must be entered on the report sheets during the lab period in which the experiment is done. Report sheets are to be completed, including the answers
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