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Date ________________ Name _______________ T.A. ________________ Grade ______________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GLG 411 - Lab 2 Calculation of Average Annual Precipitation Southern Michigan Required Materials : Λ Scale and straight edge Λ Three colored pencils Λ Calculator Materials provided: Λ Two maps showing Michigan precip. stations Λ Table listing precipitation data for year Λ Table listing area of Thiessen polygons Λ Table listing area of isohyetal intervals Purpose: 1.0 The purpose of this lab is 1) to calculate the average depth of precipitation that fell on a defined area using several analytical techniques and 2) to evaluate the techniques in terms of their accuracy and reliability. Problem: 2.0 Using the method of arithmetic mean, Thiessen polygons, and isohyetals compute the average annual precipitation (in inches) that fell on southern Michigan during 1989. The precipitation recorded for 17 stations in southern Michigan for 1989 is presented in table 1 and the approximate area represented by each Thiessen polygon and isohyetal interval is presented in tables 2 and 3, respectively. The different methods of calculating average depth of precipitation are discussed in your text as well as on the accompanying pages. You may also want to see your T.A. for additional guidance. In the appropriate space below list the answer obtained by each method and explain why one method might give a better answer than another method. Be sure to tabulate your work on the back of this page and to present the data in a clear professional manner.
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Problem Set_02 - Date _ T.A. _ Name _ Grade _ - GLG 411 -...

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