americas protect the war

americas protect the war - "American's Protect the...

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“American’s Protect the War I. The Roots of Opposition A. Background 1. In the years prior to America’s involvement in Vietnam, an atmosphere of protest already existed in many college campuses. a. To the general contentment that characterized the youths of the 1950s, students in the early 1960s became more active socially and politically. b. Some had participated in the civil rights struggle c. while others had answered President Kennedy’s call to more actively pursue public service. B. The New Left 1. The growing youth movement of the 1960s became known as the new Left, which encompassed many different activist groups and organizations. a. The movement was “new” in relation to the “old left” of the 1930s. b. generally tried to move the nation toward socialism, and, in some cases, communism. c. sweeping changes in American society. 2. Voicing these demands was one of the better-known New Left organizations, Students for a Democratic Society. a. Tom Hayden and Al Haber, two University of Michigan students, founded the group in 1959. b. Changed the corporations and large government institutions had taken over America. c. Called for a restorations of and greater individual freedom. 3. In 1964, another New Left group gained prominence. a. At the University of California at Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement grew out of a clash between students and administrators over free speech on campus. b. Led by Mario Savio, a philosophy major and a dynamic
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americas protect the war - "American's Protect the...

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