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Chemistry 143 Survey of Organic Chemistry Spring Semester 2008 Course Description: A survey of the basic organic compounds and the most common organic reactions, with examples of biological and industrial processes involving organic chemistry. You will learn to name organic compounds, to draw and understand their structures in two and three dimensions, and how chemical structure and chemical reactivity (reactions) are interrelated. Lecturer: Gregory L. Baker Office: Room 534 Chemistry Building Phone: 355-9715 ext. 160 e-mail: bakerg@msu.edu Office hours: Mon 9:00-10:30 AM; Wed 1:30-3:00 PM, or by appointment. Laboratory: Dr. Ardeshir Azadnia Office: 128 Chemistry Phone: 355-9715, ext. 114 e-mail: azadnia@chemistry.msu.edu Text: Either: Hart, Craine, Hart, and Hadad, Organic Chemistry, A Short Course, 12th Edition , 2007. The accompanying Study Guide and Solutions Manual is strongly recommended . Or: the paperback version of Hart, Craine, Hart, and Hadad, Organic Chemistry, A Short Course, 12th Edition , 2007 which combines the text and the solutions manual is a single book. It is much cheaper, but since it is a paperback, it may be more difficult to resell the book at the end of the semester. Lab Manual: A. Azadnia, CEM 143 Survey of Organic Chemistry Laboratory Manual, Third Edition , 2005. Course Website: http://www.chemistry.msu.edu/courses/cem143/index.html The website contains all class handouts, sample exams, exam and quiz keys, TA contact information, TA office hours, and other information. Important Course Information! Recitations and labs begin on Monday 14 January . In the recitations, your teaching assistant will answer questions, solve sample problems, and go over assigned problems. Your TA will also provide a brief introduction to the day's laboratory experiment. Hourly exams and quizzes will be returned to you and discussed during recitations. Labs immediately follow recitations and begin on Monday 14 January . All labs will be held in CEM 124. Approved splash proof goggles are required . Rubber gloves are strongly recommended. You must pass the lab section of the course to receive a passing grade in CEM 143. Each lab is worth a maximum of 20 points, and the best 11 (220 point maximum) will be counted toward your grade. Lab totals below 150 points will result in a course grade of 0.0. Attendance in laboratory is mandatory.
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Examinations and Grading Your grade will be based on the results of three hourly exams (worth 100 points each) and a two-hour comprehensive final exam (worth 200 points). Eight or more unannounced quizzes will be given on an irregular basis during lectures. Each quiz is worth 20 points, and if the sum of your 5 best quizzes exceeds one of your hourly exam scores, the quiz total will be substituted for your lowest hourly exam score. Exam grades will be posted on CemScores a day or two after each exam. Quiz grades will be updated and posted after each exam. GRADING SCHEME
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CEM_143_syllabus_2008 - Chemistry 143 Survey of Organic...

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