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position paper - Infinite possibilities are available, when...

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Infinite possibilities are available, when human cloning is achieved. Although the majority of individuals disapprove the idea of cloning humans, I do not. Not only that human cloning be widely practiced in the near future, but it will also benefit the health and well-being of all humanity. Visualize for a second that you are one of the human clones that will exist within this decade, and imagine putting up with all the arguments that many opinion leaders are currently struggling to make illegal. That cloning is a threat to human dignity and that it's playing God. Fortunately, however, by the time a human clone arrives at an age where anyone can be aware of what is being interpreted. Although it took more than 275 attempts before researchers were able to obtain a successful sheep clone. The success rates, however, are only at 20 %. In the U.S. News and World Report “The First Clone”, “In October 2001, The first cloned human embryos are created at Advanced Cell Technology's lab in Worcester, Mass.” There is much more time needed to be perfect at cloning. According to the Bible, Genesis 1:28, God says, “be fruitful and multiply; and fill the Earth.” Then he continues, “And master it.” God took a rib bone from Adam and used it to make Eve. This shows me that God had to clone Adam to create Eve’s body structure, which could be argued that scientist are only following God’s footsteps,
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position paper - Infinite possibilities are available, when...

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