Essay #1 The Secret Lion

Essay #1 The Secret Lion - Marshall 1 Nicole Marshall...

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Marshall 1 Nicole Marshall Professor Ann Warren English 102 17 July 2006 Rough Draft Essay #1 In the innocent eyes of twelve year old junior high student, “Everything changed. Just that. ” (59) Like the rug, the one that gets pulled- or better, like the table cloth those magicians pull where the stuff on the table stays the same but the gasp! From the audience makes the staying the same part not mater. Like that.” In Alberto Alvaro Rios’, short story “The Secret Lion,” he repeatedly used key elements, including the environment and special objects to symbolize and highlight the central theme of the work. “The Secret Lion,” is a story which captures a pivotal time period in group of childhood friends as they progress from being ‘just kids’ to experienced adults. Rios dynamic use of key symbols coincides with the boy’s rapidly changing perspective of the world. These symbols in a sense force the young band of friends to grow up, because they come to realize that change is inevitable. For the first time Sergio and his friends are able to see beyond their disillusionment into the harsh realities of the real world. With this new-found growth of character and understanding comes loss, as the boys soon will learn. “Nature seemed to keep pushing us around one way or another, teaching us the same thing every place we ended up. Nature’s gang was tough that way, teaching us stuff.” (61)
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Essay #1 The Secret Lion - Marshall 1 Nicole Marshall...

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