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CEM143_2006_quiz_4 - (2 pts Label the alkene as either cis...

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CEM 143 QUIZ 4 4 October 2006 Name ___________ ___ ___________________ Section _______ 1. (10 pts.) Identify the relationship for each pair of molecules, as enantiomers, rotational isomers (conformers), geometric isomers, constitutional isomers, identical, or none of the above. 2. (2 pts.) Identify the stereogenic center as either R or S . CH 3 H H CH 3 Br H CH 3 H OH OH OH H OH H H 1a. 1b. H 3 C H OH OH H H 3 C CH 3 H HO HO H CH 3 Cl H Cl H H Cl H Cl 1c. 1d. 1e. O H OH
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Unformatted text preview: (2 pts.) Label the alkene as either cis, trans, E, or Z 4. (2 pts.) Draw the S isomer of 2-bromobutane. 5. (2 pts.) What is the maximum number of stereoisomers possible for a ketohexose? An example of a ketohexose is fructose, shown below. 6. (2 pts.) Draw the Fischer projection for the compound shown below. H 3 C Br H CH 2 OH O H HO OH H OH H CH 2 OH fructose...
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