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Assignment 5 GE

Assignment 5 GE - personalities that were very creative and...

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William Routh 11-9-07 BUAD 304 Assignment #4 Chapter 16 Case Incident 1. Gore’s structure is extremely organic. I would also describe it as a boundaryless organization because there is very little chain of command. It also relies heavily on empowered teams rather than rigid departments. By removing all vertical boundaries, status and rank are minimized and individuals are important in the decision making process. 2. Individuals that would excel in Gore’s non-hierarchical would need to have
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Unformatted text preview: personalities that were very creative and personable. With the lack of formal direction, creativity and innovation are important to improve the company and make working there enjoyable. Also, because of the team driven work-style employees would need to have compatible personalities in order to work together. This means having a strong sense of responsibility while maintaining a mindset of openness to keep the whole team’s ideas in mind....
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