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1 B. Cheng Verification (See related materials in textbook.) B. Cheng Outline • What are the goals of verification? • What are the main approaches to verification? – What kind of assurance do we get through testing? – How can testing be done systematically? – How can we remove defects (debugging)? • What are the main approaches to software analysis? – informal vs. formal B. Cheng Need for verification • Designers are fallible even if they are skilled and follow sound principles • Everything must be verified, every required quality, process and products – even verification itself… • Correctness: must have point of reference – Design is correct wrt requirements – Code is correct wrt design, requirements – Code correctness: does a program work as expected for a given set of inputs B. Cheng Properties of verification • May not be binary (e.g., right, wrong) – severity of defect is important – some defects may be tolerated • May be subjective or objective – e.g., usability • Even implicit qualities should be verified – because requirements are often incomplete – e.g., robustness
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2 B. Cheng Approaches to verification • Experiment with behavior of product – sample behaviors via testing – goal is to find "counterexamples" – dynamic technique • Analyze product to deduce its adequacy – analytic study of properties – static technique B. Cheng Testing and lack of "continuity" • Testing samples behaviors by examining "test cases" • Impossible to extrapolate behavior of software from a finite set of test cases • No continuity of behavior – it can exhibit correct behavior in infinitely many
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07-01-VerificationTestingPrinciples-notes - Outline What...

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