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exam2008sample - iii Liquid iv Illiquid 3 In all countries...

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EC 330. Sample questions second mid-term. 1) The financial structure is more bank-oriented in i) Anglo-Saxon Countries (e.g., the US) ii) Canada iii) Japan iv) The United Kingdom 2) In the first phase of its financial history, the United States had a very….banking system i) Decentralized (many small banks) ii) Concentrated (few big banks)
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Unformatted text preview: iii) Liquid iv) Illiquid 3) In all countries firms’ main form of financing is i) Bank loans ii) Equity iii) Trade credit iv) None of the above 4) The Federal Reserve System was created in the i) 18 th century ii) 19 th century iii) First half of the 20 th century iv) Second half of the 20 th century...
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