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DesignDayProcedures - ME 471 Design Day Competition Flow of...

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ME 471 Design Day Competition: Flow of Events TIME: Inspection Time Present your AWM at the Inspection Desk . You will be asked to put the AWM inside the 15x15x30 cm measuring box. A judge will check that you are using approved parts (motor, battery). TIME: Show Up Time Enter the Staging Area in preparation for your event. You will be giving a Scoring Sheet that you must fill out with your group number and names. WARNING You will be DISQUALIFIED if you are not present and ready when called. NO EXCUSES. TIME: Starting Time You will be called by a Judge to the appropriate track. Odd number groups will compete first in Track 1, even number groups in Track 2. Tracks will switch for the second event. Deliver the Scoring Sheet to the Scoring Judge . Set up time will start running. You will have THREE (3) minutes to set up your AWM in the “start position” and be ready to run.
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