POSC366 9-18-06 Lecture Notes

POSC366 9-18-06 Lecture Notes - 9/18/06 PLO- Palestine...

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9/18/06 PLO- Palestine Liberation Organization -almost came to the point of resolution and then backfires -middle east -with the rise of Christianity this are became Christianized -Constantine declared Christianity as the official religion of the roman empire -became a theocracy from a pagan empire -the romans represented law not philosophy -christianity started off as a jewish sect, jews of all kinds in Palestine were being persecuted by the Roman Empire -Many jews were Christianized -one needed to become a Christian like the Roman Emperor wanted you to be -when you have a theocracy, you must make sure that all people understand that one ideology -they should only believe in one way or else they get thrown out -there should not be diverse interpretations- revolutions will develop -----> the empire will collapse -religion should be homogenous throughout the state -Roman empire came into conflict with the zorastian Christians flourished after Alexander left -a branch of Christianity-muhammad (prophet of Islam)- one god doctrine -he started to preach -Muhhamad’s message not appreciated by Meccan’s -the threat induces Muhhamad to go north and establish his first community “the prophet’s city” - the pagans in mecca were muhhamad’s relatives - muslims-his followers-in mecca convert -prophet dies in 632 which creates problems of succession -there was no clear line of succession -clearly when he died the prophet had reunited many Arab tribes in the common belief of Islam, the belief in one god, Allah -muhammad has established a society and at the same time political order - when prophet died, the Islamic state had established
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POSC366 9-18-06 Lecture Notes - 9/18/06 PLO- Palestine...

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