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1 Date ______________ Name __________________ Grader ______________ Grade ______________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GLG 411 – Problem Set 04 Stream Discharge and Hydrograph Separation Required Materials: L Regular or colored Sharp Pencil L Calculator L Straight edge Materials provided: L Table 1: Stage-discharge record, Red Cedar River L Table 2: Stage-discharge data, Red Cedar River L Table 3: Storm discharge data, Red Cedar River (Sept. 1 – Oct. 1, 1989). L Table 4: table 4: Instructions for the Barnes graphical method of hydrograph separation L Figure 1: Semilog and arithmetic graphs Purpose: 1.0 The purpose of this exercise is: 1) to calculate discharge within a river and 2) to separate out components of a storm hydrograph. Problems: 2.0 Table 1 shows discharge measurement notes taken at the Red Cedar River at East Lansing. Michigan on July 8, 1992. Where were the discharge measurements made? _________________________. How wide was the river at the that time? _____________ What was the stage of the river ___________. How many segments was the river divided into when calculating total discharge. 2.1 Based on the data in table 1 calculate the discharge for each stream segment as well as total discharge. What was the total discharge? ______________ 2.2 Enter the stage-discharge data with other stage-discharge
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2 data for the Red Cedar in table 2 and using a spread sheet construct a stage-discharge curve. What type of curve is represented by the data? ________________ Why do the
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Problem Set_04 - Date _ Grader _ Name _ Grade _ - GLG 411...

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