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Problem Set_08 - Date Grader Name Grade GLG 411 Problem Set...

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1 Date ________________ Name __________________ Grader. ________________ Grade _________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GLG 411 - Problem Set 8 Image Wells and the Hvorslev Method Required Materials: L Sharp Pencil L Calculator Materials Provided: L 3 sheets of 4 cycle semilog paper (or EXCEL) Purpose: 1.0 The purpose of this lab is: 1) to calculate T and S using the Jacob time-drawdown equation T = 264Q/ ) h S = 0.3Tt o /r 2 where: T is in gpd/ft S is dimentionless Q is discharge in gpm ) h is drawdown over 1 log cycle t is in days r is in feet 2) to determine distance to an image well and hydraulic boundary using law of times: r i = r r s t i /t r where: r i is distance to image well r r is distance to real well t i and t r are times of equal drawdown due to image well and real well, respectively.
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2 Problem: 2.0 Table 1 contains drawdown data for observation wells OW1 and OW3 which are located 500ft and 750ft, respectively, from a pumping well designated as PW1 in Meridian Township. Well PW1 is open to the Saginaw Formation and was pumped during an aquifer test at a rate of 200gpm. The
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