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1 Date ________________ Name __________________ Grader ________________ Grade _________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GLG 411 – Problem Set 7 Well Hydraulics: Leakage to a Confined Aquifer Required Materials: None Materials Provided: 1) AQTESOLV program 2) Table 1: Drawdown in well W-1 (East Lansing) 3) Table 2: Drawdown in wells W-1, W-2, W-WR (Okemos) 4) Table 3: Drawdown in wells MSU-15 and MSU-17 5) Table 4: Drawdown in well MSU-21 Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the application of the Hantush-Jacob equation (see below) for determining aquifer transmissivity and coefficient of storage in a semiconfined aquifer with no change in storage within the confining bed. The equation will also be used to calculate the thickness (B) and vertical hydraulic conductivity (K') of the confining bed. T(gpd/ft) = 114.6Q(gal/min)W(u) h 0 -h(ft) S = uT 1.87r 2 (ft)/t(days) r/B = r/(Tb'/K') .5 K'= Tb'(r/B) 2 /r 2 As in problem set 5 and 6 this problem set will focus on the groundwater reservoir of Meridian Township.
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2 Problems: 7.1 First, familiarize yourself with the AQTESOLVE program. To do this you must install on a P.C. the AQTESOLVE program for windows provided with your text book. When you have loaded the program open it and proceed to “Analyzing a Pump Test” by selecting “Help” -> “Contents and Index” -> “Guided Tours”. Select “Analyzing a Pump Test” and follow directions. When you get to “Display Plot Window” and select “Displacement –Time” during the tour be sure to also select “Log Axes”. Also, note that the student version of AQTESOLVE does not support “Normal Probability” so skip the part of the tour asking you to “open a new window for a diagnostic plot”.
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Problem Set_07 - Date _ Grader _ Name _ Grade _ - GLG 411...

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