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Date ________________ Name ________________ Grader ________________ Grade _______________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GLG411 – Problem Set 3 Precipitation and Evapotranspiration in the Red Cedar Basin Required Materials : Λ Regular or Colored Pencil Λ Calculator Λ Straight edge Materials Provided: Λ Base map of the Red Cedar basin Λ Table 1: Area between isohyetal intervals in the Red Cedar basin, 1989 Λ Table 2: Thornthwaite equation with 1989 monthly precipitation and temperature data for Lansing airport and, Table 3: Adjusting factor for potential evapotranspiration computed by the Thornthwaite equation Purpose: 1.0 The purpose of this exercise is: 1) to calculate the volume of precipitation that fell in the Red Cedar basin during 1989, 2) the amount of potential evapotranspiration in the basin for that year, and the amount of evaporation from Lake Lansing for that year. . Problems: 2.0 Examine Figure 1 showing the Red Cedar River and its tributaries. The perimeter of the river basin upstream from a stream gaging station (small triangle) is shown by a dashed line. In addition, the figure 1 shows the location where precipitation was recorded during 1989. Beginning with a isohyetal value of 29 inches and a isohyetal interval of 0.4 inches construct an isohyetal map of 1989 precipitation that fell within the Red Cedar basin. Using the areas between isohyetal intervals listed in Table 1
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Problem Set_03 - Date Grader Name Grade GLG411 Problem Set...

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