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Advanced Dynamics ME 861 Spring 2007 Instructor : S. Shaw, 2328H EB, 432-3920, Credits: 3 (lecture) Lectures : MWF, 10:20-11:10, Room 4 Urban Planning Prerequisite : a previous course in dynamics Brief Description : Dynamics of systems of particles and rigid bodies. Energy and momentum principles. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods. Euler angles. Applications in system dynamics and vibrations. Required Text: Principles of Dynamics , 2 nd edition, D.T. Greenwood, Prentice Hall. Coverage: Chapters 1-4, 6-8, plus additional selected topics. Other Useful References: Applied Dynamics , F. C. Moon, 1998, John Wiley and Sons. Analytical Dynamics , H. Baruh, 1999, McGraw Hill. Fundamentals of Applied Dynamics , J. H. Williams, Jr., 1996, John Wiley and Sons. • Any of the dozens of textbooks that could be used for ME 361, for example, these two: Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics, R. W. Soutas-Little and D.J. Inman, 1999, Prentice Hall. Vector Mechanics for Engineers – Statics and Dynamics
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