the roaring twenties

the roaring twenties - Essay#2 HST 202 The Roaring Twenties...

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Essay #2 HST 202 2/19/2008 The Roaring Twenties The 1920’s were a tremulous time of change and development in the U.S. This decade saw a variety of social changes with Prohibition, flapper girls, and the idea of leisure time and entertainment. In addition to social change a variety of technological advancements put America in a second industrial revolution, giving rise to an age of consumerism. Due to it’s involvement in World War One, America’s foreign policy was based on isolationism and distrust of all things European. This time was marred by scandal, racism, and a reversal of the ideals put forth by the Progressive movement. America during the 1920’s enjoyed glamour and relative economic prosperity but had real problems rooted in the previous decade. The 1920’s were largely defined by the First World War in the decade before; many Americans distrusted Europeans becoming xenophobic and isolationistic. Many progressive reforms were stalled and the Supreme Court over-turned workers compensation, maternity leave, and labor laws, which were seen as Socialist, which was a European ideal. The Klu Klux Klan also made a come back as a result of the nation’s xenophobia and fear. This new Klan was different from the old Klan of the Reconstruction era in the sense that they were anti-Semitic and
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the roaring twenties - Essay#2 HST 202 The Roaring Twenties...

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