photography - Essay #3 HST 202 2/19/2008 Photoography...

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Essay #3 HST 202 2/19/2008 Photoography Photography has is a relatively new form of expression but, in its’ short existence it has had powerful effects on public opinion about wars, effecting change in food safety standards, and other legislation. Pictures taken, even unaltered ones, are subjective, pictures can be taken as fact sometimes and this may prove misleading and unethical. Photography has played an interesting role in changing public opinion. During World War Two America was running up a massive debt. Although the U.S. was securing important victories in Europe and the Pacific, public support for the war effort was slipping. Joe Rosenthal was the news photographer responsible for the famous picture of the five Marines on top of Mount Suribachi raising the American Flag. The photograph was an instant hit, it gave American’s a sense of accomplishment and victory and encouraged them to continue with participation in the war. The American government used the photograph to encourage American’s to open up their pocket books
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photography - Essay #3 HST 202 2/19/2008 Photoography...

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