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CSE 331 Section 1 Study questions for the Final Exam Stockman : The following questions are samples for only the course content after exam 2. The new exam coverage is from the text sections from the syllabus: DFS 9.6.1,2; NP theory 9.7; greedy algs 10.1; divide-and-conquer 10.2; dynamic programming 10.3 and from related concepts covered in class. Review the study advice for Exams 1 and 2 as well and also the homework problems that were assigned. 1. As a computer professional and future designer of solutions to problems, what overall knowledge of the P-NP issue must you have? Discuss the overall issue and the aspects important to a CS professional. 2. What are two problems that are in class P, and why? Give two problems that are in class NP but believed to not be in class P. 3. How did we define “algorithm” in the beginning of the course? What characterizes an “online” algorithm as compared to our original idea. 4.
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