11707 - Mr Francev ENG 104 7 November 07"A Letter to the...

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Mr. Francev ENG 104 7 November 07 “A Letter to the Seven-Billionth Person on Earth” Dear Seven-Billionth person on Earth, you have the fantastic fate of not only being born under lucky number seven, but also the fantastic luck of being born in the good old U.S. of A. Consequently you will be raised with Democratic values, a healthy sense of patriotism, and, more than likely, a Judeo-Christian set of morals. In school you will learn about the heroic beginnings of the U.S., the righteousness of the Union Army in the Civil War, America vs. Evil in World War Two, and the nation’s quest to vanquish evil-doers in the War on Terror. You will watch television commercials, be exposed to product placement, and guerilla marketing tactics all aimed towards influencing your decision-making. Sadly you are born into a time in this country where these tactics don’t only apply to commercial goods and services, but also political campaigns. Deceit, lies, and scandal, are ever present in the headlines of the newspaper, it is time for change. The majority of your fellow citizens are not politically active and do not understand important political issues, especially foreign policy. Not too long ago one of your Presidents, with the full faith of the American people and the backing of Congress, declared war illegally on another sovereign nation based on forged documents and misleading data. After September the 11 th the nation was thrown into American Flag hysteria and blindly followed Uncle Sam’s leadership. You may be wondering how such prominent public figures can go on record declaring outright lies and why a news station would need a public relations campaign to convince viewers that they are “fair and balanced”; it is
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much too easy to be tricked by those in power. In a time such as this, now, more than ever, rational thinking is necessary, to see through media bias, debunk misinformation, and find the truth. Being an American citizen, you are ensured a free, public education. From the time you are in toddler Kindergarten until the time you are a senior in high school, you will be what it is to be American. You will learn early on about the fundamentals of Democracy and basic principles of our government. Your teacher will tell you about a bill sitting on Capitol Hill and tell you a story about brave Pilgrims crossing the Atlantic in the name of religious tolerance and freedom. Your teachers, and government, would have you believe that an economy based on Capitalism and Democracy are the best possible solutions for making life work, of course, their downfalls and shortcomings are not highlighted, while different views on the spectrum such as Socialism are demoralized
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11707 - Mr Francev ENG 104 7 November 07"A Letter to the...

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