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CSE331 Section 2 Homework 5 (Updated Feb. 20) Due: Friday Feb. 22, 2008 at 11:59am 1. Discuss the relationship between an expression tree and the sequence generated by a tree traversal: a. Draw a binary expression tree for each of two following two sequences. Preorder: - * a + b c / d e Inorder: c + d * a - b - e b. Describe the methods you used to construct the two trees above. c. Given any valid preorder sequence, is the corresponding binary expression tree unique? If yes, prove it. Otherwise, give a small counterexample. (NOTE: The proof of part (c) is now optional . You should state whether a preorder sequence is unique, but you do not have to prove it either way) d. Given any valid inorder sequence, is the corresponding binary expression
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