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Aguilar 1 Steven Aguilar English 8 Mrs. Brooks 30 April 2007 Poetry Paper- Rough Draft Ted Hughes is an Unfortunate Man Ted Hughes has been described as one of the most prolific writers of the 20 th century. He has been heavily criticized for his brilliant, but abrasive, work. He had a highly public life, for a poet, and was blamed, by her fans, for Sylvia Plath’s suicide. His poetry reflected his inner feelings and thoughts. Hughes’ poetry is a map of his growth as a person and his maturity level, going from violent, arrogant themes and subjects, as seen in “Hawk Roosting” to writing about flowers and innocence, as seen in “Perfect Light”. Hughes lived a colorful, tragic, life, and his sorrow and experiences are reflected in his poetry. Ted Hughes was born on August 17, 1930 in Mytholomroyd, Yorkshire. He spent a lot of time in the outdoors hunting and exploring with his brother in the moors surrounding his home. The time he spent outside explains why nature and nature’s power is a recurring theme in many of his poems. The family moved out of Mytholomroyd when Hughes was seven. He attended a school in Mexborough and won a scholarship to Cambridge University in 1948. He put off college for two years to serve in the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a ground wireless mechanic for a RAF radio station. After three years of schooling at Cambridge studying English Literature, he went on to do a variety of jobs, publishing several poems. Hughes met fellow poet Sylvia Plath, an American, and
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Aguilar 2 married her after only four months. She encouraged him to publish his work to a literary contest. His poem was picked out of 287 entries. The pair moved to the U.S. in 1957 where they taught as college professors. They decided to quit teaching and move back to England in 1959 and had their first child, Freida, in 1960. Their second child, Nicholas, was born in 1962. After much difficulty in their marriage, the pair split up and in February, 1963 Plath committed suicide. Hughes was devastated and did not write for a number of years. As he began to pick up the pieces of his life, his girlfriend, Assia Gutman, killed herself and their young daughter, another devastating blow. Hughes married a second time to Carol Orchard in 1970. Hughes continued writing through the 70’s and 80’s on his farm in Devon. He won a variety of awards and recognition, including the Queen’s Medal for Poetry. Hughes was named Great Britain’s Poet Laureate in 1984. The story of Hughes’ life is a sad and interesting tale of a brilliant man. (Ruby 53-54) “Hawk Roosting” by Ted Hughes is a poem about a meditating hawk, but also tells of the infallible reasoning of a predator and nature in general. The hawk looks over its surroundings with a sense of ownership. It says “I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed.” (Hawk Roosting 1) It is perched at the peak of the forest, in a position of dominance, saying that the earth’s face is “upward for my inspection” (Hawk Roosting 8)
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Aguilar_1-1 - Aguilar 1 Steven Aguilar English 8 Mrs Brooks...

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