finalSection1SS08 - CSE 331 Final Exam Form 1A Spring 2008,...

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CSE 331 Final Exam Form 1A Spring 2008, Tuesday, 29 April 10-12 AM, Stockman Name _________________________________ Score________ DO NOT OPEN this booklet until being told to start the exam. No notes, texts, calculators, or headphones should be used in taking this exam. This exam has 27 problems and 12 pages and is worth 102 points and 25% of the final grade. It was designed to take about 90 minutes. When you have a choice of problems, if you answer more than what is required, then the instructor will choose which to grade. Questions from students are not expected. If you feel that there is some ambiguity in the question, state your assumption and then answer the question using it, then make a note on the bottom of this page to call attention to it. If any error or clarification is needed, it will be done on the green board or overhead. Write any reminders or comments for the instructor here. These can relate to any course work from any part of the semester. 1
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Possible answers for the first 12 problems. ) 1 ( O ) log (log N O ) (log N O ) ( N O ) ( N O ) log ( N N O ) ( 2 N O ) log ( 2 N N O ) ( 3 N O ) 2 ( N O NP: problem is NP-complete (2 pts each; 24 total) (1) ________ The number of edges in a balanced binary tree with N nodes. (2) ________ Runtime effort to decide if array A[j]:j=1,n is in ascending order. (3) ________ The solution to the recurrence equation T(N) = T(N/2)+2 (4) ________ The runtime of toposort on a dense graph with N = size V. (5) _______ The runtime of creating a min Heap from an array of N integers known to be in ascending order. (6) ________ Runtime to compute the size of the longest common subsequence of two sequences of symbols S1 and S2, each of length n. (7)
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finalSection1SS08 - CSE 331 Final Exam Form 1A Spring 2008,...

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