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Slicter: After plants and firms got unionized their productivity was actually improving. o He interviewed manager: his conclusion was that the firm was forced to pay workers higher rates when the union came in and then management was shocked into improving productivity. o This connects with international dimension. Either by pressure campaigns from unions or other methods from the ILO or NGOs companies are being forced into improving conditions and salaries of their employees and thus shocking management into doing what is in their own interest and improving productivity. o Third way that unions could be improving productivity is because they bring stability to the workplace. International Labor organization o Agency of UN – tripartite structure o Conventions – e.g. child labor, freedom of association o Non-binding i.e. no enforcement powers o U.S. has not signed all ILO conventions Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) o Variation in focus – workers rights, immigrant rights, women’s right, etc
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