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BIO 55 Quiz 3 - ~weight-bearing exercise ~calcium& vit D...

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BIO 55 Quiz #3 Study -Collagen- The organic component of bone tissue -Calcium phosphate - the inorganic component of bone tissue -Two types of bone: 1. Trabecular 2. Compact - S t arts to deteriorate sooner in life than compact -Aging bone tissue becomes brittle because of reduced collagen - Vitamin D - necessary for intestinal absorption of calcium -Osteoporosis can be prevented and/or treated by:
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Unformatted text preview: ~weight-bearing exercise ~calcium & vit. D supplements ~not smoking, no excessive alcohol or carbonated beverages-Loss of heigh t occurs from small vertebral fractures -Joints become stiffer from: ~arthritis ~loss of articular cartilage ~tightening of tendons & ligaments-Most rapid bone loss in women occur: ~b/c of menopause...
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