bio final - 1 Which of these vessels have the weakest walls...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Which of these vessels have the weakest walls?- veins 2. The venae cavae - carry blood to the right atrium 3. The coronary arteries carry blood- from the aorta to the heart tissues 4. At the capillary, fluid is forced out of the vessel by the- blood pressure 5. Gas exchange occurs in- all capillaries 6. For a blood pressure reading of 130/190, 130 is the-systolic pressure 7. select the incorrect statement about red blood cells.- respond during inflammation 8. Select the incorrect statement about white blood cells.- activate prothrombin 9. For the coagulation of blood, fibrinogen is converted to- fibrin 10. blood flow is slow in capillaries because- both a and b are correct 11. Lymph nodes house- lymphocytes and macrophages 12. Lymph is _____ in lymphatic system empty into- tissue fluid 13. The two collecting ducts of the lymphatic system empty into - cardiovascular veins 14. The structure of a lymphatic vessel is most similar to that of a - cardiovascular vein 15. Steroid hormones - both b and c are correct 16. Which gland produces the greatest number of hormones?- anterior pituitary 17. The hypothalamus controls the anterior pituitary via-releasing hormones 18. ADH and oxytocin are secreted by the- posterior pituitary 19. Which hormone is involved with milk production- prolactin 20.testosterone is necessary for- all of these are correct 21. the urethra is part of the reproductive tract in the- male 22. The endometrium- breaks down during menstruation 23. The uterus- all of these are correct 24. Which structure is present after ovulation?- corpus luteum 25. ovulation occurs- due to hormonal changes 26. which of these secretes hormones involved in the ovarian cycle?- all of these are correct 27. follicle-stimulating hormone stimulates the- development of a follicle 28. Secretions from which of the following structures are required before implantation can occur?- all theses are correct 29. The sodium-potassium pump maintains the resting potential-True 30. What is involved in a nerve impulse?- ions 31. the downswing of the nerve impulse is caused by the movement of- potassium ions to the outside of a neuron 32. Rapid conduction of a nerve impulse in vertebrates is due to- gaps in the myelin sheath 33. Acetylcholine- all of these are correct 34. all hormones are believed to- affect cellular metabolism 35. The adrenal glands are-on the kidney 36. Which statement is NOT t rue about hormones?- hormones search throughout the bloodstream for their receptors 37. Hormonal secretions are most often controlled by- negative feedback mechanisms 38. External respiration is defined as- an exchange of gases in the lungs 39. When the lungs recoil,- all of these are t rue 40. The chest is- all of these are correct 41. The crossing of the digestive and respiratory tract in the pharynx creates a need for- a diaphragm 42. Chemoreceptors in the body are sensitive to- both a and b are correct 43. most carbon dioxide in the blood is transported in the - bicarbonate ion...
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bio final - 1 Which of these vessels have the weakest walls...

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