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7 online quiz study - -Following the rules of hypothesis...

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Power in statistics is defined as - Rejecting Ho when it is false The null hypothesis from a 2-tailed z-test with a population mean of 100 is___. - Null= 100 Regardless of wheter a test is one-tailed or two-tailed, shaded region(s) on the distribution cant be more than______ of the distribution - 5% Of the following, which effect is the weakest? - Both of these are equally weak A sample mean near the high point on a sampling distribution - All of these are correct Cohen’s d is an indication of - All of these are correct The Zcrit for a two-tailed test is____. - +/- 1.96 The hypothesis actually being tested in hypothesis testing is the ____ hypothesis. - Null A two-tailed test is chosen over a one-tailed test - When a researcher does not have a good idea of where the sample mean will fall Another name for the critical region is ____. - Refection region Because we’ll never know if we made a correct decision when rejecting Ho, power depends on
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Unformatted text preview: -Following the rules of hypothesis testing Hypothesis for the z-test state null rather than X because-Hypotheses indicate what would happen in the population An outcome of z= -2.79, p (less than) .05 means that-The x was smaller then null A confidence interval-Contains predicted outcome values for 95% of the population A Zobt of 3.00-Reflects a significant difference from the normal population Rejecting Ho when it is true is considered-Type I error In APA style, a Zobt of -1.24 would be written as-Z=-1.24 p, (greater than) .05 Of the following, which is the most powerful test?-One-tailed If the null hypothesis is true, the sample mean is-Not different from the population mean Failing to reject Ho when it is false is considered-A Type II error...
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