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COMM 150: The Art of the Cinema EXAM #1: Lectures/screenings Classes 1-4; Belton, Chapters Intro.; 1-5 The first exam will be given in class on Wednesday, September 26. It will consist of about 50 matching, multiple choice and true/false questions covering all materials presented in lectures, readings, and screenings. It probably won't take you more than an hour to complete, but you can take up to the entire class period if you would like. Be sure to bring a #2 pencil and your STUDENT ID# to fill in your answer sheet. Below are some sample questions to introduce you to the test format, and a list of names, terms, and titles with which you should be familiar. (NOTE: This list is NOT meant to be exhaustive, but simply to help you study for the exam). Good Luck! The word "mise-en-scene" means: (a) "putting on the stage" (b) "focusing the shot" (c) "casting the role" (d) "directing the scene" (e) "motivating the narrative" T or F The narrative in a classical Hollywood film is delivered in a way that makes the audience
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Unformatted text preview: consciously aware that it is the product of careful construction. GOODFELLAS Character-centered cinema CITIZEN KANE Narrative IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT Mise-en-scene THE PUBLIC ENEMY Camera angle SHADOW OF A DOUBT Camera movement ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES Three-point lighting SINGIN' IN THE RAIN Low-key lighting PSYCHO High-key lighting SOME LIKE IT HOT Star lighting THE MALTESE FALCON Editing from scene to scene Editing within scenes Racist character stereotypes Eye-line matches Marilyn Monroe The 180-Degree Rule Clara Bow Movies and mass production James Cagney Vertical Integration Orson Welles Blind Bidding William Randolph Hearst Block Booking Clark Gable Actors Under Contract Gene Kelly Studio Style Warner Brothers The Production Code Rudolph Valentino The studio system Bordwell, Thompson, and Staiger The Collapse of the Studio System Robert Ray...
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