Green Environment - Introduction The globalization of...

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Introduction The globalization of recycling markets is forcing local recycling programs to make dramatic changes. Recycling and recycled materials are the natural foundation for increasing the sustainability of production. The details of recycling programs vary from region to region because of differences in weather, distance to markets, consumption patterns, economics, and demographics. Which materials should be recovered depends on several factors, including the community’s recycling goals, the processing facility’s capabilities, available markets, plus the public’s expectations and level of participation. The most valuable and highest density curbside materials are aluminum, tin cans, glass and plastic bottles, newspapers and mixed paper.
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Mission Statement for (GER): Our mission is to build a strong foundation of environmental programs through partnerships with our Communities, Vendors and Employees. These programs will seek to increase our efficiencies and minimize our waste, utilizing sustainable technologies, products and building design to respect all aspects of the environment. Reduce the pollution by reusing defect substance such as: Plastic Vision Statement for (GER):
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Green Environment - Introduction The globalization of...

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