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take home test - Our World The Final Frontier The Take-Home...

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Our World, The Final Frontier: The Take-Home Test Chelsea Valentine I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this world work. ________________________________________________
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1. [[O] : [ ] <---> [B] <---> [E]] = [ λ ] Within the psychobiological frame this expression demonstrates the psychological commerce between the person [O] and their environment [E] resulting in an organism- environment complex or emergent life [ λ ]. The psychological, and perhaps most important, aspect of this relationship lies in the reciprocal relationship between cognition and behavior; also known as perception-action coupling. In perception-action coupling, the way in which the individual [O] perceives his or her environment [E] will determine how that individual will behaviorally engage their environment; furthermore, how [O] behaves will largely determine the kinds of experiences the individual [O] will have in relation to the environment [E]. In addition, the experiences gained by the individual [O] will function to determine how that individual [O] will perceive their environment [E] in the future and so on. As long-winded and redundant as this appears, there is a fundamental purpose to this extensive explanation. It is through perception-action coupling and the cognitive/behavioral interactions between that person and their environment that an individual’s behavioral and cognitive consistencies can be maintained. These consistencies give rise to one’s response style (that is, their stream of behavior) and perceptual style (their stream of consciousness). With the introduction of the stream of consciousness we are also able to introduce the phenomenological aspects
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take home test - Our World The Final Frontier The Take-Home...

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