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Date Notetaker’s Name Group Members’ Names What are the 3 main components of the plasma membrane? Label the hydrophobic and hydrophilic parts of each component. Label each type of molecule on the two figures above. What functions have you learned so far for each type of molecule shown here? What do we mean by a "membrane is selectively permeable"? What regulates fluidity of the membrane? What molecules can pass through the bilayer? What type of transport is shown in each figure below? How can you tell?
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Assume there is as selectively permeable membrane in the U-tube. Explain why the liquid level rises on the right hand side. What is this process called? The cell membranes in the beakers are selectively permeable to H 2 O, sucrose and glucose, but impermeable to fructose. What term would you use to describe each solution relative to the cell? cell 1: 0.01 M glucose cell 2: 0.01 M sucrose beaker: 0.02 M glucose beaker 0.02 M sucrose what will the final Molarity be?
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