lesson_6[1] - Prejudice preconceived negative judgment of a...

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Prejudice Stereotype- belief about the personal attributes of a group of ppl; sometimes over generalized, inaccurate, Discrimination - unjustified negative behavior toward a group or its members Racism/Sexism (1) individuals prejudicial attitudes & discriminatory behavior toward people of a given race/sex (2) institutional practices that subordinate ppl of a given race/sex Social Dominance Orientation - motivation to have one’s group dominate other social groups Ethnocentric - believing in the superiority of one’s own ethnic & cultural group, & having a corresponding disdain for all other groups Authoritarian Personality - personality that is disposed to favor obedience to authority & intolerance of Realistic group conflict - theory that prejudice arises from competition b/w groups for scarce resources Social identity theory - the “we” aspect of our self-concept; the part of our answer to “Who am I?” that comes from our group memberships. Ingroup- “Us”- a group of ppl who share a sense of belonging, a feeling of common identity Outgroup- “Them”- a group of ppl perceived as distinctively different from/apart from their group Ingroup Bias - tendency to favor one’s own group Terror management theory - ppl’s self-protective emotional & cognitive responses when confronted w.reminders of their mortality (adhering more strongly to Outgroup homogeneity effect -perception of outgroup members as more similar to one another than are ingroup members. Thus “they are alike; we are diverse.” Own-race bias - tendency for ppl to more accurately recognize faces of their own race; people are with other in-group members Stigma Consciousness - person’s expectation of being victimized by prejudice or discrimination
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lesson_6[1] - Prejudice preconceived negative judgment of a...

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