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Bio94 Final Exam 2008 3pm 1. The vast majority of Earth’s history has been dominated by: a) multicellular prokaryotic life b) Simple eukaryotic life c) Unicellular life d) Plant and fungal life e) All of the above 2. Which of the following was NOT an observation Darwin used to base his theory of natural selection? a) Species can overproduce offspring b) There are limits to population growth c) There is variation among individuals d) Individuals have differential reproduction success e) None of the above 3. Which of the following statement is NOT true? a) Disruptive selection favors extreme versions of a trait b) Directional selection changes the allele frequency in one direction c) Stabilizing selection is easy to detect d) Birth weight in humans is an example of a trait that is subject to stabilizing selection e) Female choice and male competition are two types of sexual selection 4. Genetic Drift _________________ a) Is a random process with respect to fitness b) Is most pronounced in small populations c) May lead to the random loss of fixation of alleles d) Two of above e) All of above 5. Sympatric speciation could arise from all of the following EXCEPT: a) A vicariance even dividing one species into multiple populations b) Specialization for different resources within a species c) Natural selection d) Reproductive isolation e) All of above 6. Which of the following are methods of cataloguing prokaryotic diversity? a) Bacterial culture b) DNA sequence c) Shape d) Two of the above e) All of the above
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a) Their sporophyte-dominant life cycle b) Their motile female gametes c) The absence of a vascular system that limits their size d) Alternation of generations lifecycle e) All of the above 8. In gymnosperms: a) The sporophyte is dominant b) Male and female gametes look identical c) Megaspore forms the pollen grain d) Pollination and fertilization occur at the same time e) None of the above 9. Which of the following statements about transitional fossils is true? a) Transitional fossils are not bountiful because the fossil record is incomplete b) Transitional fossils represent an intermediate form between species c) Transitional fossils retain characteristics of species that preceded them and descended from them d) Transitional fossils are strong evidence for evolutionary change e) All of the above 10. Differences between eukaryotes and prokaryotes do NOT include: a) The amount of DNA in the cells b) The method of cell division c) The size of ribosomes d) The use of RNA as a messenger e) The complexity of flagella 11. One characteristic of flowering plants is that a) Their xylem tissue consists of tracheids only b) Their sperm require water to swim and fertilize c) They are homosporous d) They undergo double fertilization e) None of the above 12. Which of the following is true about the fern lifecycle? a) Gametophytes are dominant
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Final3pm - Bio94 Final Exam 2008 3pm 1. The vast majority...

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