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Conformity change in behavior/belief to accord w.others Compliance conformity that involves publicly acting in accord w.social pressure while privately disagreeing Obedience acting in accord w.a direct order/command Acceptance conformity that involves both acting/believing in accord w.social pressure Autokinetic phenomenon self(auto) motion(kinetic). Apparent movement of a stationary point of light in the dark Cohesion “we feeling”; extent to which members of a group are bound together, attraction 4 one another Normative influence conformity based on a person’s desire to fulfill others’ expectations, often to gain acceptance Informational influence con. Occurring when ppl accept evidence about reality provided by other people Reactance motive to protect or restore one’s sense of freedom. Arise when some1threatens our freedom of action Need to belong motivation to bond w.others in relationships that provide ongoing, + interactions Proximity geographical nearness; predicts liking
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