Lab Report #5 Diffraction

Lab Report #5 Diffraction - Section 001 Experiment 5 Date...

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Section # 001 Experiment #: 5 Date performed: 4-7-08 Date due: 4-21-08 Diffraction Principal investigator: Clayton Spiceland_____________________________________ Skeptic: Jay Patel ____________________________________________ Researcher Simeon Cherrix_______________________________________ TA Alec Sim____________________________________________ Role I DC AD RC Q1 Q2 PI PG I introduction DC data and calculation AD analysis and discussion RC results and conclusion Q1/Q2 quiz/prelab PI principal investigator points PG personal grade
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Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to study the different properties of diffraction gratings. Each group in lab had a diffraction gradient with three settings of 100, 300, and 600 lines/mm. The first part of the experiment was simply measuring the distance of the 1 st and 2 nd order using a laser and diffraction gradient. The diffraction gradient had the three settings 100, 300, and 600 lines/mm which means it could be used for multiple slits. We used the following equation, with the wavelength of the laser being 655 +/- 25mm, to determine the distance: s h s m d 2 2 + = λ The variable m represents the diffraction order. When light passes through the diffraction gradient there are visible spots to the left and right which are called orders. The middle point when looking through the gradient would have an order of 0 whereas the next point that can be seen somewhat symmetrically on the left and right is the 1 st order. The variable h represented the distance in between the clipboard and diffraction gradient. The variable s represents the distance between the orders and λ is obviously the wavelength. The final result, d, represents the distance in between the grating slits. Procedures: Part 1 1.) A laser was propped up on a wooden piece and a diffraction plate was set up in front of the laser beam 2.) A clipboard was set up holding a white piece of paper to display the diffracted light. 3.) The laser beamed through the 100 lines/mm setting and hit the paper at a good
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Lab Report #5 Diffraction - Section 001 Experiment 5 Date...

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