Lab Report #1 The O-Scope (P.I.)

Lab Report #1 The O-Scope (P.I.) - Results and Conclusions...

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Results and Conclusions For this specific lab, we were to familiarize ourselves with an oscilloscope to help us understand how to make judgments on voltage and time, but more importantly, to understand the error that comes from the readings that the oscilloscope gives us. This was determined at the very beginning of the experiment when we were to gain an understanding of the maximum and minimum readings of the oscilloscope and the amount of error the readings would account for. The first part of the lab was designed to show the relation between frequency and voltage. Our group used three frequencies: 500Hz, 250Hz, and 1kHz to test the two values. With past experience we assumed that the two values had some relation to each other, but the point of this part of the lab was to show that frequency and voltage have no affect on the other. So although the frequency is changed, it was determined that voltage was independent of time. Above, Table 2 Part B proves this concept with using three voltages of significantly different magnitude. The second part of the lab was about comparing the frequencies given by the oscilloscope and the frequencies put out by function generator. We used sine and square measurements to see if, as suggested, that the frequency stays the same when the voltage differs. Of course, in an experiment with no error the two resulting frequencies should be equivalent. But using error propagation for both numbers was used to ensure the most accurate answer. Each uncertainty, dealing with each measurement, would all have to be included in the final answer to the most accurate representation of error propagation. When observing the oscilloscope, the uncertainty was the human eye which was
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Lab Report #1 The O-Scope (P.I.) - Results and Conclusions...

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