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Lab Report #3 The RC Circuit (Skeptic)

Lab Report #3 The RC Circuit (Skeptic) - ANALYSIS AND...

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ANALYSIS AND DISCUSSION As in any scientific experiment it important to not only consider, but to include any error that is associated with the data. This experimental error should not be viewed as careless mistakes that could have been avoided. There will always be some degree of error involved with any measurement, but it is our job to conduct this experiment as accurately as possible to reduce this error to a minimum. In summary, for this experiment, we are measuring different tau’s at different resistances. This section of our lab report will be simply explaining different uncertainties related to the measurements so you can truly know how accurate and precise the data actually is. Two primary pieces of data to consider for error are the resistance box and the time constant, τ. For the resistor box there were no error propagation calculations necessary. The side of the box indicated a 10% error associated with each resistance, which suggests a great uncertainty with the larger the resistance you use. Our group used six different resistances ranging from 1000Ω to 2000Ω increasing in increments of 200.
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