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11-01-2007 09;14;39PM

11-01-2007 09;14;39PM - If one were to block the...

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Unformatted text preview: .. If one were to block the reabsorption of a substance “P-N-Go” that is readily filtered, the .oncentration of that substance in the urine will be: ' The same as the plasma ter than the concentration of the plasma Increased by" the process of reabsorption of “P-N-Go” D) Less than the concentration in the efferent arteriole E) Less than the concentration in the afferent arteriole 32- The segment of the nephron where most of the potassium is reabsorbed is the: Bowman’s capsule . _ roximal convoluted tubule loop ofHenle-fidgjmirfl -. “1° ‘MoV‘p’th amusing-dime. Minoan cl @5qu D) distal convoluted tubule ’ /E)’collecting duct 33. ent of the nephron where sodium is NOT actively transported is the: owman’s capsule proximal convoluted tubule P‘ ' - ascending limb of the loop of Henle in the juxtamedullar}r nephron LE ‘lTGMQPQs/kd D) distal convoluted tubule E) collecting duct 34. In 'ch of the following segments of the nephron is the tubular fluid most dilute? Bowman’s capsule B) proximal convoluted tubule MOE—i 0“ \U‘B : 0‘ [Chill 0 9gp of the loop of Henle in the juxtarnedullary nephron COHVO l H‘bfil W istal convoluted tubule medullary collecting duct 35. Which of the following structures permit amino acids and glucose to enter the ultrafiltrate? -‘ -. negatively charged basementmembrane in the proximal. convoluted tubule E) macula densa 36. V ' striction of the efferent arteriole would result in: increase in the GFR kadmirers bloat haw-glow lbpmt‘wbuw at a decrease in glomerular capillary hydrostatic pressure _ l \ 9 increased renal blood flow - decreased diameter of the afi'erent arteriole E) a decrease in arterial blood pressure It 37. gest pressure in the kidney is the: , omerular capillary hydrostatic pressure Lflfi‘ne ST r\ efferent arteriolar pressure "* Bowman’s space hydrostatic pressure glomerular capillary oncotic (protein) pressure E) Bonan’s space oncotic pressure ...
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