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11-01-2007 09;17;53PM

11-01-2007 09;17;53PM - 23 The T wave of the ECG occurs at...

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Unformatted text preview: 23. The T wave of the ECG occurs at the identical time of: Q atrial depolarization P - (“MM 0W ventricular repolarization “A? . t 910 C . ventricular contraction DRE ' v we. do. D. ventricular relaxation _ i E. AV node depolarization T V?) 24 The event that comes immediately before the first heart sound would be the: P wave QRS complex . T wave D. isovolumetric relaxation E. closing of the semilunar valves. The blood vessel type with the lowest proportion of smooth muscle is the: A. artery 5 arteriOleFl/“lhvflr (mt M41 WV thK {J capillary venule E vein cart rhythm with a longer-than-normal P—R interval before every QRS wave suggest; sinus bradycardia \fi . sinus tachycardia v “ ventricular tachycardia Q first degree heart block ( 2 . The lymphatic system in a healthy person transports: A. all of the following answers filtered protein interstitial fluid . red blood cells y During exercise, the: A. pressure, cardiac output (CO), and total peripheral resistance (T PR) all increase. B. pressure and TPR increase and the C0 decreases. pressure decreases and the CO and the TPR both increase. . CO increases and TPR decreases. 29 'ncrease in EDV (end—diastolic volume) is most closely related to: an increase in venous return. C. an increase in arterial pressure. a decrease in arterial pressure. a decrease in TPR (total peripheral resistance). 30. The main effect of PNS (parasympathetic nervous system) activity to the heart is a: A. positive inotropism (increased strength of contraction) Br negative inotropism (decreased strength of contraction) positive chronotropism (increased heart rate) a] negative chronotropism (decreased heart rate) ...
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