Physics Lab #2 Projectile Motion

Physics Lab#2 - Section#004 Experiment:1 Date performed 27 SEP 2007 Date due 11 OCT 2007 EXPERIMTENT TWO Projectile Motion Principal investigator

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Section #004 Experiment #:1 Date performed: 27 SEP 2007 Date due: 11 OCT 2007 EXPERIMTENT TWO: Projectile Motion Principal investigator: William Daniel Thompson _X____________________ Skeptic: Simeon Cherrix ___________X________________ Researcher John Cebak________________X_________________ TA Hassan ______________________________________________ Role I DC AD RC Q1 Q2 PI PG I introduction DC data and calculation AD analysis and discussion RC results and conclusion Q1/Q2 quiz/prelab PI principal investigator points PG personal grade
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Introduction: The goal of this lab was to successfully study the physics that are involved in projectile motion, which is the launching of a projectile at an angle. The projectile launched in this experiment was a plastic ball, and the mechanism used was a spring action launcher. Because the projectile is launched at an elevated height, it becomes complex because two elements are involved. These two elements are horizontal and vertical motion. In this lab, acceleration is held constant. The acceleration is the downward pull of gravity. Horizontal and vertical variables however will be manipulated. Other objectives of this lab include finding intial velocity, usage of motion formulas, comparison of theoretical and measured range, and maybe even hitting a selected target by the TA in order to earn extra credit. Experimental Log 1. Quiz was taken regarding the lab experiment. We turned in our previous lab report as well as our pre-lab regarding projectile motion. 2. Researcher (Dan) reviewed procedure and made sure everyone knew the lab protocol. The researcher then removed all contents from photogate apparatus and the lab bucket that we were using. The apparatus was then assembled so we could begin the experiment. The ballistic pendulum and projectile launcher were set up first. Using a level, the researcher proceeded to tighten the launcher to the pendulum, making sure that the launcher was in-fact sitting at a 180-degree angle. The skeptic (John) assessed the set up in order to make sure it was satisfactory, and the set up was once again assessed by the TA (Hasan) to make sure it was adequate. The principle investigator (Simeon) measured the diameter of the ball that was to be used as a projectile. The Skeptic approved the measurement. The group then proceeded to learn how the launcher actually worked. Careful observation allowed the three members to see how the ball was loaded into the chamber (via ram rod) and just how sensitive the firing of the spring action launcher was. Following this, the clip-board and carbon copy paper was set up on the stand. Positions were then picked for each member for the launchings. The
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Physics Lab#2 - Section#004 Experiment:1 Date performed 27 SEP 2007 Date due 11 OCT 2007 EXPERIMTENT TWO Projectile Motion Principal investigator

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