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Physics Lab #1 FreeFall

Physics Lab #1 FreeFall - Section#004 Experiment:1 Date...

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Section #004 Experiment #:1 Date performed: 13SEP 2007 Date due: 27 SEP 2007 *Final 19 SEP 2007 *Draft EXPERIMTENT ONE: Free Fall Principal investigator: William “Dan the Man” Thompson _____________________ Skeptic: Simeon Cherrix _____________________________________ Researcher John Cebak__________________________________________ TA Hassan ______________________________________________ Role I DC AD RC Q1 Q2 PI PG I introduction DC data and calculation AD analysis and discussion RC results and conclusion Q1/Q2 quiz/prelab PI principal investigator points PG personal grade
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Introduction Experimental Log 1. As a team we gathered Materials: free fall bar, tape measure, the CBL, a calculator (Dan’s), 2. The group assembled the apparatus shown below. The group had problems finding a functioning computer and the TA, Hassan, helped load the FREFAL program into Dan’s calculator. Simeon connected the calculator setup to the apparatus while Johnny aligned the free fall apparatus pad under the ball release. 3. The ball was inserted into the apparatus. The top of the metal pole contains a screw that was tightened to keep the ball in place. The distance from the bottom of the ball to the top of the sensor pad was measured, 80.5cm. The larger ball, 16mm, was chosen first for the experiment. 4. Simeon told the calculator to run the freefall program. When prompted by the calculator, Simeon told Johnny to release the ball. Johnny released the ball by untwisting the screw that held the ball tightly in place. The calculator recorded the time that the circuit was broken until the ball hit the pad. The ball held in place at the top of the apparatus kept the circuit closed. Once release the circuit broke and the calculator started to record the time. Dan recorded the time in his lab note book. Everyone else copied the time there after. 5. The step above, 4, was repeated until 10 trial of free fall were measured. 6. Individually the team calculated the average time and compared results. Each member agreed that the average time was .4100sec. 7. The steps 3, 4, were repeated with the smaller of the two balls. 8. The small ball drop was repeated until 10 trials were measured. 9.
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Physics Lab #1 FreeFall - Section#004 Experiment:1 Date...

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