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interview summary - Purpose of the interview in the mind of...

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Purpose of the interview in the mind of the employer - Employer wants to see your passion, commitment to the field, and sincere interest in the position and company. - Employer wants to determine if the candidate is capable of fulfilling the requirements for the position. - The candidate should be able to fit in to accomplish high productivity. If extra time is invested into mending relationships the work may suffer. - Organizations want to hire individuals who will get the job done, be resourceful, find answers, take initiative when appropriate, and have confidence to bring issues to the forefront in a tactful way - Employers also use the interview to double check potential red flags such as a low or missing GPA, time unaccounted for and short duration times of past jobs. The different types of interviews - The initial/screening interview may be conducted on-campus for current students or by phone for alumni, or those currently employed, and lasts approximately 30-45 minutes. - The phone interview is often used in initial/screening interviews. - On-site interviews bring a candidate to the employer’s location and the employer will want to review your credentials to determine if it is a solid candidate. - Graduate/Professional school interviews are for mostly professional schools (medical, law, and business) and is part of the admissions process. - Group interviews take place in two ways. In the first, you and other candidates meet as a group with an employer or employers. In the second, groups of employer representatives meet with you individually. Importance of internal research -"The resume gets you the interview and the interview gets you the job." - Ask yourself what are your career goals, educational experiences, work experiences, and personal skills/ abilities. Importance of external research - Research information on the employer and the industry How to connect your research to questions the employer is likely to ask - Knowing what you know about yourself, the employer, and the industry, you can then anticipate questions and prepare your responses
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interview summary - Purpose of the interview in the mind of...

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